Child sexual exploitation - who can help girls

Child Sexual Exploitation - who can help girls?

You have a say in your life.

Is this you

  • You are friends with older adults
  • You have an older boyfriend or girlfriend
  • You stay out late and even all night 
  • You don’t stay in with your family, and friends your own age, very much
  • You have lost contact with friends
  • You don’t go to school
  • You’ve tried or use drugs and alcohol
  • You are chatting to people online who you have never met 
  • You are having sex with men or women you don’t want to

If any of these apply to you, then you are at risk.

Why am I at risk

We know that some adults, maybe like the older people you are hanging around with, draw young people just like you into sexual relationships.

They are nice to you – show you a lot of interest and affection in the beginning – to make you feel special.

Sometimes they ask groups of young people to come back to their house with older people.

They offer you drugs and alcohol – a place to chill out. They may even buy you presents like clothes, a mobile phone or credit, even give you money to buy things.

When they have gained your trust and affection they may change how they act around you.

They will ask for sexual favours for themselves and/or other people, in return for alcohol, drugs, presents, money - all the things they gave you free a while ago. They stop being nice and can become threatening and violent.

Their aim is to draw young people like you into swapping or selling sex. They are not really your friends.

People are worried about you and that is why you have been pointed towards this information.

Either your parents or a professional have noticed the warning signs and raised concerns that you may become involved in sexual exploitation.

The adults who have taken advantage of you are responsible and they are the people who have done something wrong.

You are not to blame if this is happening to you.

People are there to help you

If it's an emergency:

Call the Police on 999

If you have concerns about children in Rotherham:

Call Rotherham Children's Social Care Services on 01709 336080

Call Childline on 0800 1111

If you would like to share information that might help protect a child:

Call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

Call the Police on 101

The ‘Say Something’ helpline is a free and anonymous helpline to share any worries you have about yourself or friends and provide support to help you keep safe.

Call or Text 116000 (it is free)