Principles and Priorities

Principle 1

Championing the interests and rights of children and young people.

Principle 2

Involving all partners in Rotherham in a duty to co-operate on safeguarding matters.

Principle 3

Receiving independent challenge and scrutiny, to ensure feedback, accountability and learning.

Principle 4

Change is led by measurable improvements in the safeguarding systems and outcomes for children and their families.

Outcome: Safe at Home

Children who are neglected will have their needs recognised early and receive the right level of support to improve outcomes. We will seek assurance that Children in Care have their needs assessed and met in timely manner.

Outcome: Safe in the Community

Children who are being exploited in the community will be identified early. They will receive appropriate services which are informed by research on adverse childhood experiences.

Outcome: Safe Safeguarding Systems

We will know if services and practice is effective and how this is improving outcomes for children. We will also identify areas of continuous learning and improvement, e.g. Safeguarding Practice Reviews and challenge these to improve both practice and outcomes.