Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) - Advice and Guidance

Spot the signs of CSE

CSE Warning Signs

  • Change in behaviour & Friendship Groups
  • Links to unknown adults
  • Mood changes
  • Mobile phones, Sim cards, snapped Sim cards
  • Seen in different cars
  • Increased Internet activity
  • Change in language
  • Unaccounted monies or possessions
  • Night Time Economy
  • Truanting/absences from School/missing from education
  • Large amounts of condoms

Youth Produced Sexual Imagery

  • This is the exchange of self-generated sexually explicit images, through mobile picture messages or webcams over the internet.
  • Young people may also call it ‘Cybersex’ or sending a ‘nudie’, picture or ‘selfie’.
  • What are the dangers?
    • It is illegal
    • There is no control of images and how they are shared
    • It leaves children and young people vulnerable to blackmail, bullying and harm
    • Unwanted attention – images posted online can attract the attention of sex offenders who know how to search for, collect and modify images.
    • Emotional distress – children can feel humiliated and embarrassed.  If they are very distressed this could lead to suicide or self harm.

Exploitation of GBT and curious young men. Barnardo’s annual survey 2013/2014  found that technology often appears to be a route into CSE for boys.

Visit Thinkuknow website

If you are worried about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online you can report it.